Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Pictures of Holes 10, 11 & 12 around Phase II Lots

Holes 10 & 11 and part of hole #12 border many of the lots in Phase II. These pictures were taken in July 2008. Just click on the picture to get a closer view.

The picture above is a view from the #10 tee box. Many of the lots in Falls Crest Place are just to the left and through the trees (Approximately Lots 65-75).

This picture gives a view of the 11th green from about 150 yards out. Many of the lots along Falls Crest Dr are along the left side of this fairway, and some of the lots along Club Creek Dr are along the right side of this fairway. A new resident is building a big, beautiful house just to the left of the fairway from where this picture was taken.

Click here to see a panoramic of the above view

This is a zoomed in view from way out on #12. If you walked onto the course from the western-most Phase II lot, this would be your view to the left.

This shot was taken back towards the tee box on #12. The upper-left corner of this picture is roughly where the western-most Phase II lots are located.

The shot above was taken from the #12 green back towards the #12 tee box. It shows a just view of the rolling contour of the land for this area of the golf course.

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